Brazilian oil & gas company specialising in manufacturing, maintenance, repairing, assembling and testing of valves is looking for a UK partner.

A local manufacturer of valves for the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment/Distribution and Power Generation markets. This year, they are reaching a turnover of US$ 15 million based on a work force of 120 employees. Also, they are approved and certified by Petrobras.

The company is looking for a partner for the selling of new products in the Brazilian Market through Joint Ventures or Cooperation. Now the company is looking for an UK partner interested in entering the market and meeting the local content policy by fabricating together with them. They are mostly interested in:

– Safety Valves

– Choke Valves

– Valves for Upstream applications

They have a strong sales division with 40 people involved in Marketing and Sales, with strategically located Sales Offices, coordinate sales to End Users, OEM, Engineering and Contractors.