British Partners Sought

British partners sought to introduce welding equipment and materials, plus safety equipment for offshore structures in the oil & gas sector

A Brazilian company specialized in industrial maintenance is looking for welding equipment and material (especially electrodes), together with safety equipment for offshore structures, for the oil & gas sector. They already have experience representing locally many international brands from different sectors, and would like to hear proposals from British companies. The idea is to identify an innovative product to introduce into the market.


Brazilian organisation seeks partner for development of natural material to replace MDF and MDP in the furniture and construction industries

A Brazilian organisation is looking for innovative materials processing technologies to develop a new component using natural fibers. The idea is to use the fibers extracted from the abundant palm trees in the region, known as Piaçava, to make fiberboards. The final product would be similar to MDF and MDP and to its applications, with the exception of not using any synthetic components. The project is environmentally oriented and is looking for partners with experience in the low-carbon industrial production.


Brazilian company is looking for British partner who can provide products for Chronic Pain disorders together with manufacturers of orthosis and prosthesis for orthopaedics and back surgery

Located in the state of São Paulo, the company was founded in 2013, having already a big delivery network in constant expansion. It works to bring the newest technology to the whole country, by importing and distribution products from diverse manufacturers. Its principles are high return on invested capital, increase in profit margins, reduction of operational risk and a strong relationship with the distributor network. The company is looking for UK manufacturers of products for treatment of chronic pains (back, pain, joint pain) together with manufacturers of orthosis and prosthesis for orthopaedics and back surgery.


Orthopaedics Company looks for supplier of bone fracture products to be distributed in Brazil

Founded in 2005, the company is a distributor of orthopaedics products, covering the whole country. It operates with cranio-maxilofacial surgery, back surgery, trauma, and other orthopaedics segments.

The company is looking for UK manufacturers of titanium plates and screw used in orthopaedic surgeries, especially bone fractures.


Brazilian company looking for joint ventures with British companies in the diagnostics segment

Founded in 1986 in São Paulo city, the company is a producer, importer, exporter and distributor of equipments for the health sector. It is currently located in the city of Itu (in the state of São Paulo), but it has customers in different regions of the country: 50% in north and northeast regions, 30% in south and southeast regions and 20% in the Centre-west region of Brazil. The company is looking for British producers of diagnostic devices interested in joint venture for distribution and/or finish the production of devices in Brazil, especially equipments for visualization of blood vessels.